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With a love for spices as hot as the Caribbean sun, Little Man Jerk sources local ingredients to provide us with tantalizing sauces done right. The company prides itself on adding a “dash of positivity” that ensure the ongoing success of these handcrafted hot sauces. Fruity undertones provide a balance of citrus lime and chilli with both sauces and seasoning available to purchase. Being chilli lovers themselves, the founders of this sauce have tackled everything from Black Prince peppers to Trinidad Scorpions and promise a high-quality hot sauce with a punch! Read on to hear what they had to say:

Tell us a bit about your story, your company and how you started. 
Was there a specific turning point in your life where you realised that the world can no longer do without your sauces?

Little Man Jerk was passed down from a 100-year-old Caribbean family recipe to Simon from a very dear Jamaican friend (Steve) who is the third business partner. Simon wanted to bring the sauce to Sydney to simply share the love. As a chef, Jamie was asked to join the journey from good friend Simon and use his expertise in food and marketing to bring LMJ alive. They started doing pop-up festivals, BBQ's for friends and the rest snowballed from that.

Do you have a philosophy, a mission statement or core values that you would like to share with us?

We believe that every bottle of Little Man Jerk has a small dash of positivity in it as well as serious flavour. This is because of the handcrafted process that goes into our cooking procedure. We want to share this Jerk sauce with the world.

"Food made with love always taste better and especially when the process is done with a positive attitude."

Do you grow your own chillies and other ingredients or source them from local providers?

We source all our ingredients from Sydney Markets. Jamie the chef and creative director has strong core values as do the rest of the team on using local chillies and spring onion for our sauce.

Tell us more about your range of sauces. Eg. Do you have a range of different heat levels available? What types of chillies do you use?

There is some debate over the origins of Jerk and whilst many believe it originated from Africa, our sauce is made from a 100-year-old Caribbean recipe. This variation of Jerk sauce provides the tastiest, fruitiest addition to your everyday meals. Our sauce is the perfect balance of citrus and heat so it gently coats the mouth leaving you to want more. We have an original sauce, habanero hot sauce and a seasoning. We use Australian grown birds eye and habanero chillies as well as air dried bell peppers for our seasoning.

There are plenty of chilli products on the market. Is there something special that sets your sauce apart?

We simply make our sauce with love and use fresh lime juice in every bottle. Most of all we set ourselves apart from the rest because we do not over compensate our sauce with high sugar, vinegar, salt and artificial preservatives content.

Which of your sauces is your personal favourite?

Our favourite is the original sauce mixed with the little man jerk seasoning to make the perfect paste for baked LMJ jerk thigh chicken!

Are you also a chilli lover? What’s the hottest chilli you’ve ever tried and how did you look by the end of it?

We love our chilli. Between myself and Simon we have smashed everything from the Black Prince, Trinidad Scorpion and Pink Tiger. Simon once did the Black Prince in and give his willy a scratch later... Say no more. For myself it has to be the Trinidad Scorpion, I looked like Tom Jones on acid!

Simon Norris. LMJ Founder & Director

Simon Norris. LMJ Founder & Director

Jamie Henshall AKA The Northern Monkey. Chef & Creative Director 

Jamie Henshall AKA The Northern Monkey. Chef & Creative Director 

There we have it folks, the story of Little Man Jerk from the masterminds behind the sauce themselves! Get a Little Man Jerk habanero hot sauce to use on everything from meat to fish and vegetables, or try the original hot sauce for the trademark taste of fruity fire… go on, get fruity!  

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